The Clothing Care Guide

Buying clothes created to last is one thing. Making them last is another. From knowing what fabrics last to learning how to care for them, sometimes clothing care can feel like a guessing game despite their fabric care instructions. Properly caring for your clothes helps you save money over the long haul, potentially enabling you to share clothes with friends or passing down clothes between kids or other family members over the years, even through generations. 

However, learning how to take care of your clothes isn’t just ideal for your wallet, but also the environment. The fewer clothes that end up in landfills, the fewer resources, and raw materials, from water to electricity, go to waste in making them. Fast fashion is on its way out as more brands invest in quality fabrics that can better withstand washes under harsher conditions, and as consumers become more eco-savvy. You may be done with last season’s trends, but their effects linger in their continued presence in landfills for decades. The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) finds many textile factories so dangerous that it regulates them as hazardous waste generators – the chemicals used in making and treating fabrics lingering for hundreds of years in soil and groundwater. Clothing and footwear account for more than 8 percent of global gas emissions associated with the effects of human-made climate change.